2013 IMSA Annual Conference Technical Sessions

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Basic Switched Ethernet
Advances in Wireless Data Communications for ITS and Traffic Management
Advances in Bicycle and Pedestrian Detection
Technical Advances in Signal Monitors using Flashing Yellow Arrow
Working with the New NFPA Standard for Emergency Communications
Working with NFPA 1600
Transient Overvoltage Surge Suppression Overview for ITS Applications
Implementing a Blended Infrared and GPS Traffic Signal Priority Control System
Show What You Do! Asset & Work Management--Reporting the Work Required to Operate and Maintain Your Inventory of Traffic Control Devices
Conversion of Analog CCTV Systems to Ethernet based IP Systems
Integrated LED Traffic Signals & Wireless Street Light Controls – The New Wave of Improved Maintenance for our Roads
The History of Wireless Communications
No Spin Zone' on RRFBs
Thinking Inside the Box –  Use of Overlaps for Improved Signal Operation
Time And Monetary Benefits Of Central Signal Systems
Off-Grid Solar Powered Warning Light Systems
Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing in Fiber Optic Systems
Inductive Loop Detection Advancements – Loop Detection Made Simple
Fundamentals of Radar at Intersections: A new way to “See” Intersection control
Installing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Communications Systems
The 170 Cabinet Evolution
The ITS Cabinet – What it is and How it Works
ATC Controllers:  The Standard, the Controller & the Benefits
Traffic Incident Management ; a New Role for Public Works and Transportation Agencies
Advancements in Rail Road Preemption
Adaptive Signal Control – A Fundamental Approach Based on Proven Methodology
Documented Safety Improvements of Adaptive Traffic Signals
Environmentally Controlled Enclosures for ITS Applications
Public Safety Tour –  Exponent Crash Test Facility
Using ITS Standards:  An Overview
Understanding User Needs for Electrical and Lighting Management Systems (ELMS) Based on NTCIP 1213 Standard (M)
Specifying Requirements for Electrical and Lighting Management Systems (ELMS) Based on NTCIP 1213 Standard (M)
ITS History, Communications and The Future
Latest Updates on Wireless Detection with an Emphasis on Bicycle Detection
LED Lighting for Streets and Roadways
Advances in Digital Designs of Power Regulation and Multiple, Forward Conversion, Uninterruptible Continuous Power Support Systems 
Digital Power Regulation and Smart Grid Effects on Current and Future Traffic & ITS Control and Communications Systems
Regional Emergency Action Coordination Team (REACT)
Placement of the Temporary Traffic Control Devices and their Effect on Intersection Sight Distance
Signs… MUTCD Compliance Explained
Procuring and Implementing ITS Standards-Based Devices and Equipment Workshop
Money Well Spent:  Developing a Sustainable ITS Framework
Implementing Changes to the 2013 Edition of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
Travel Time Measurement using BlueTooth and other Technologies
Traffic Signal Electrician – Technical Job Description and Certification Requirements
High-Profile Vehicle Detection and Dynamic Dilemma Zone Detection
Effective Use and Application of Corner Radar
Frequency Coordination 101
Communications Methods for Supervising Station Fire Alarm Systems
The Value of Video Detection and Fully Adaptive Traffic Management
The Value of Video Detection for Bicycle Traffic at Intersections
Traffic Incident Management