LMI seeks IMSA Traffic Signal Technicians II & III for construction, modification, and repair of traffic signal systems in Northern Virginia. 

Level II
Make cabinet modifications and up-grades as required
Troubleshoot signal systems and repair
Conduct and document inspections
Upload and download data between computer, signal controllers, and other traffic signal / ITS equipment.
Install loops and camera equipment
Construct complete traffic signal systems

Level III  (All of Level II skills plus the following)
Ability to program, test, and repair Conflict Monitors (CMU), Traffic Signal Controllers, and Malfunction Management Units (MMU)
Familiarity with basic traffic signal timing principals
Proficient with all types of detection systems; video, loops and wireless
Familiarity with hardwire and wireless communications technology including troubleshooting, installations and adjustment of external and internal modems
Battery backup systems: installation, programming, testing procedures, and maintenance
Create Estimates for projects

Licenses – Drivers prefer CDL-B
Education – High school 
Experience - Must have min (5) years traffic signal work.
Work 40+ hrs. a week

Send Resume to  Career@LightingMaintenance.com 

Salary Range $45,000-$68,000