Traffic Signal Construction/Maintenance Technicians

Sturgeon Electric Company Inc. is seeking qualified Journeyman Traffic Signal Technicians (IMSA level 2, CDL, with 3 years of documented experience) for employment in Traffic Signal, Highway Lighting, and ITS construction projects in the Denver metro / Colorado Statewide area.   

Journeyman wage scale is $30.49 per hour on the paycheck plus employer paid fringe benefits, to include family medical, dental, optical, health coverage, plus 15% additional compensation paid into pension and annuity plans. 

Apprenticeship opportunities are available on-line through  Apprentice wages start at $19.82 per hour plus employer paid fringe benefits.   The apprenticeship program is structured to include classroom education, on the job training, IMSA certifications, and scheduled pay raises at 6 month intervals to Journeyman Traffic Signal Technician status over a 3 year period. 
Interested parties can contact: 

Sturgeon Electric Company,  
12150 E. 112th Ave.  
Henderson, Co. 80640
Attn: Jim Bushnell 
Email: or

Sturgeon Electric Company Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.