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Electrician  Sugar Land, TX  12/21/2018 
Highway & Construction Laborer Phoenix, AZ  2/5/2019 
IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level I, II, III  Fort Myers, FL  1/10/2019 
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Technician I  Mesa, AZ  4/2/2019 
Senior Traffic Signal Technician  Traverse City, MI 2/15/2019
Signal Lighting and Technical Electrical Technician  Arizona DOT, AZ  1/9/2019 
Signal Systems Coordinator   Anaheim, CA 4/16/2019 
Signal Technician  Redmond, WA  3/12/2019 
Signs & Markings Supervisor  Castle Rock, CO  1/25/2019 
Street & ROW/Stormwater Utilities Section Leader City of New Port Richey, FL  3/27/2019 
Traffic Engineer  Sugar Land, TX   12/21/2018
Traffic Maintenance Supervisor  Sonoma County, CA   1/24/2019 
Traffic Management Center Analyst  Sugar Land, TX  12/21/2018 
Traffic Operations Engineer or Assistant Engineer   Boise, ID 4/8/2019 
Traffic Operations Technician I/II/III  Thornton, CO  11/21/2018 
Traffic Signal Construction/Maintenance Technicians  Denver Metro and Colorado Statewide Locations   2/20/2019
Traffic Signal Foreman   Canton, GA 2/12/2019 
Traffic Signal, Highway Signing, Highway Lighting and ITS Installers  Brevard County, Broward County, Clermont, Deland, Altamonte Springs, Jacksonville, Punta Gorda, Tampa, Sarasota (Florida)
Houston and Dallas (Texas), Salisbury (North Carolina)
Traffic Signal Installer  North Perimeter Atlanta, GA  1/4/2019
Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician  DOT, MO 3/12/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician  Reno, NV  3/12/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician  San Diego, CA 3/12/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician   Worthington, OH 2/14/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician  Fort Myers, FL  2/5/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician Riverside, CA   1/14/2019
Traffic Signal Technician  Yuma, AZ   11/16/2018
Traffic Signal Technician  Springdale, AR  4/13/2018 
Traffic Technician II - Signals  Sugar Land, TX  1/2/2019