Job Opportunities

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Account Executive  State of Florida  6/4/2018 
City Master Electrician  Port Huron, MI   10/9/2018
Electrician  Carlsbad, CA  8/8/2018 
Electrician  Oceanside, CA  8/8/2018 
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Technician I  Mesa, AZ  9/25/2018 
 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Technician Wilmington, NC  7/17/2018 
Regional Traffic Field Technician  Michigan/Northern Indiana  6/27/2018 
Senior Service Maintenance Worker Santa Cruz, CA 6/1/2018 
Sign Maintenance Technician  Sheridan,  WY 9/11/2018 
Signal Inspector  Orlando, FL  8/8/2018 
Sign Technician  Tempe, AZ  9/18/2018 
Signal Technician  Kent, WA  6/13/2018 
Signs & Markings Technician II  Castle Rock, CO   9/11/2018
Traffic Division Administrator  Daytona Beach, FL  6/29/2018 
Traffic Signal Inspector  Boise, ID 9/14/2018 
Traffic Signal Installers Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Texas  10/10/2018 
Traffic Signal Installers, Highway Lighting Installers, Licensed Electricians, General Foreman, Regional Supervisors  Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Texas  9/10/2018 
Traffic Signal ITS Technician  Houston, TX   7/16/2018 
Traffic Signal Technician  Springdale, AR  4/13/2018 
Traffic Signal Technician  Murfreesoboro, TN  8/13/2018 
Traffic Signal Electrician Roswell, GA 10/2/2017
Traffic Signal, Highway Signing, Highway Lighting and ITS Installers Florida, Texas, and North Carolina 8/30/2018
Traffic System Timing Specialist  Sarasota-Manatee Region, FL  8/20/2018