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Active and Associate Members:
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If you did not yet receive an email with instructions for creating your new online account and renewing your membership, please contact with your current contact information.


Public Agency and Sustaining Members: Your agency/company should have received a dues renewal invoice in the mail. If you have not received one or your employer is no longer paying your dues, please email with your current contact information.




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PUBLIC AGENCY and SUSTAINING renewals: In order to take advantage of the new tier structure savings, membership dues must be paid by the employer. Please have someone from your agency or company contact us at to set up the contact information and designated members.


Please note the new rates and tier structure for 2017:


Active and Associate




Public Agency

Tier 1 (3 individuals) $90 each

Tier 2 (4-8 individuals): $85 each

Tier 3 (9-15 individuals): $80 each

Tier 4 (16-20 individuals): $75 each

Tier 5 (21+ individuals): $70 each



Tier 1 (up to 4 individuals): $500

Tier 2 (5-8 individuals): $700

Tier 3 (9-15 individuals): $1200

Tier 4 (16-20 individuals): $1600





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