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Sign & Pavement Marking Technician Level II

The primary objective of the Sign & Pavement Marking Technician certification process is to recognize those individuals whose understanding of standard signing and marking principles is thorough enough to enable them to apply these principles to on-the-job situations. In order to achieve this, the Level II preparation seminar has been designed to emphasize practical application of standard principles. More specifically, the following topics and their significance to day-to-day field work will be covered:

  • MUTCD Sign Identification System
  • Warning sign placement, sizes and other considerations
  • Recognizing common signing mistakes
  • Tort liability
  • Principles of reflectivity
  • Roadways and Rails
  • Pavement marking and signs
  • Pavement markings
  • Sign fabrication methods and materials
  • Regulatory sign warrants
  • Guide signs
  • Route markers and trailblazer assemblies
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Sign Shop Management
  • Dealing With The Public
  • The future of signs and markings
  • Appendix
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IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Certification or equivalent as approved by the IMSA Section Certification Chair.
IMSA Sign & Pavement Marking Technician Level I Certification 
Two (2) Years Traffic Operations Experience
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