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Traffic Signal Senior Bench Technician Level III

Safety is of utmost importance. Traffic signals are life safety systems and need to be operated and maintained by only qualified personnel. Technology is changing rapidly in the traffic signal industry and it takes specialized training to be able to keep up with the technology being deployed. Many state and municipal agencies are requiring that individuals be IMSA certified to operate and maintain traffic signals.

Successful completion of the Microprocessor in Traffic Signals is required for Traffic Signal Senior Bench Technician Level III Certification.

For the Microprocessor in Traffic Signals exam, you will need to know:

    The History of the Microprocessor
  • Number Systems and Computer Arithmetic
  • Boolean Algebra
    Integrated Circuits
  • Architecture of Microprocessors
  • Memory
    Basics of Operation
    Input and Output

One certification supplement exam is included with the Level II exam fee. An applicant may take both certification supplement exams, but must pay one additional exam fee.

Listed below you will see the recommended study materials for the basic Traffic Signal Senior Bench Technician Level III:

Traffic Signal Level III Bench Exam
Study Material Guidelines

NEMA traffic signal equipment functions and specifications for controllers, flashers, load switches & conflict. monitors. NEMA TS 1 Specifications
2101 L Street, N.W.
Washington. D.C  20037

Manufacturer specific literature
Electronics  basic theory & digital gates IMSA Electronics in Traffic Signals Study Guide
Manufacturer specific literature
Traffic signal timing, coordination theory and practices IMSA Traffic Signal Senior Technician Level II Study Guide
170 type traffic signal controller assembly trouble shooting Your 5 years experience
Five Years Experience as a  Traffic Signal Bench Technician
IMSA Traffic Signal Bench Technician Level II Certification
Certification Requirements:
Pass the IMSA Traffic Signal Senior Bench Technician Level III exam
Pass the IMSA Microprocessors In Traffic Signals Technician exam
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