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IMSA Frequency Coordination Office Changes

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Since 1986, the FCC has required almost all applications for land mobile licenses to be examined by certified frequency coordinating committees before being submitted to the FCC.  These committees assure that the application forms are filled out correctly, make the selection of frequencies for new or modified radio systems and analyze applications to determine if the new or modified operation will be compatible with other existing licensees in the same geographic area.


For public safety channels, the FCC certified four coordinating committees, two of which are the International Municipal Signal Association/International Association of Fire Chiefs (IMSA/IAFC) and the Forestry Conservation Communications Association (FCCA).  IMSA/IAFC is the primary coordinator for fire and EMS channels.  FCCA is the primary coordinator for forestry conservation frequencies which support wildfire suppression.


Throughout the years, IMSA/IAFC and FCCA have maintained separate coordination activities even though applicants for new channels were often the same for each organization.  Particularly east of the Mississippi River, municipal firefighters are also those who fight wildfires.  To simplify the coordination process for these entities, IMSA/IAFC and FCCA have decided to combine their frequency coordination operations.  Each association will retain its own identity for representation and training of its constituents, but will combine their frequency coordination activities in a new non-profit corporation named the Public Safety Coordination Associates (PSCA).  PSCA will have its headquarters in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, very near the FCC’s office.

Dave Kumke, President of IMSA, and Lloyd Mitchell, President of FCCA issued the following joint statement.  “We believe that by combining our efforts we can provide the most rapid and cost effective frequency coordination process for the entire public safety community.  While PSCA will certainly benefit the fire, EMS, and forestry conservation communities, its services will also be available to any public safety applicant, be it police, highway maintenance organizations, or local government in general.  We are also pleased to announce that PSCA will be headed up by Ralph Haller, well known to everyone from his days at the FCC as chief of the Private Radio Bureau and for his continuing efforts at FCCA to support public safety communications.  PSCA will also offer microwave coordination.  Public safety applicants have a choice in the selection of a frequency coordinator.  We sincerely hope everyone will give us a try.”

The new partnership became effective on March 12, 2012.  Applicants can continue to file applications electronically at either the IMSA ( or FCCA ( web sites.  PSCA can also accept electronic applications from FreqEasy (

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