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Job Opportunities

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Job Title
Date Posted
Directional and Service Signing Specialist Richmond, VA 7/28
Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Signaling Division Atlanta, GA 6/27
Electrician Elmhurst, IL 9/1
Project Engineer (Underground & Signal Controls) Puget Sound, WA 6/15
Regional Sales Manager Iowa/Nebraska 8/5
Senior Traffic Control Technician Marysville, WA 8/1
Senior Traffic Signal Technician Olympia, WA 8/31
Senior Traffic Signal Technician Carrollton, TX 8/5
Signal/Electronic Systems Technician I_II Renton, WA 7/30
Signal Foremen and Sign Structure Foremen Tampa & Ft. Myers, FL 6/7
Signal Technician Casper, WY 5/1
Signal Technician Carrollton, TX 8/5
Signalization Technician Level II Denver Metro Area, CO 6/12
Traffic Apprentice Edmond, OK 5/6
Traffic Control Supervisor/Coordinator Herndon, VA 5/29
Traffic Engineering Technician Moorhead, MN 8/15
Traffic Operations Engineer Castle Rock, CO 3/26
Traffic Operations Intern Redmond, WA 3/13
Traffic Operations Worker II Goodyear, AZ 7/14
Traffic Painter Santa Monica, CA 8/31
Traffic Signal Apprentice-Level I Denver Metro Area, CO 6/12
Traffic Signal Foremen, Overhead Sign Foremen, Highway Lighting Foremen Tampa, Davie & Jacksonville, FL 9/1
Traffic Signal, Highway Signing, Highway Lighting & ITS Installers Various locations throughout Florida, North Carolina & Texas 1/5 (R10/1)
Traffic Signal/ITS Technician San Jose, CA 7/17
Traffic and Signal Operations Supervisor Citrus Heights, CA 9/4 (9/25)
Traffic Signal Technician Vancouver, WA 7/24
Traffic Signal Technician Beaufort, SC 7/14
Traffic Signal Technician Baytown, TX 6/12
Traffic Signal Technician  Anne Arundel County, MD 6/7 (8/31)
Traffic Signal Technician Hayward, CA 8/12 (9/3)
Traffic Signals Technician I Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9/3 (R 9/18)
Traffic Signal Level II Technicians Springdale, AR 712
Traffic Signal Timing Specialist Bay County- Panama City, FL 6/20
Traffic Signal Supervisor Boca Raton, FL 8/11
Traffic Technologist Lethbridge, AB-Canada 9/1
Transportation Manager Olathe, KS 7/7
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