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IMSA By-Laws, Article V.  Board of Directors

Section 2:  The Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors shall consist of the following:

a. Four Directors-at-Large

b. President-Elect

c. President

d. Past President


Section 3: Eligibility and Nomination.


(a) The majority of all seven members of the Board of Directors shall always be government employees and/or life members who are former government employees. Only government employees or Life Members who are former governmental employees are eligible for the positions of President Elect, President and Past President. The Nominating Committee will recommend candidates for election as Board members only if they meet or exceed the requirements and qualifications outlined in the IMSA Governance and Policy Manual.


(b) On the Nominating Committee Chair’s behalf, the IMSA Executive Director shall provide notice to all Voting Members soliciting nominees for the four (4) Directors-at-Large as set forth in the IMSA Governance and Policy Manual.


(c) Nominations must be submitted as set forth in the IMSA Governance and Policy Manual.


(d) The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall provide the Council with a list of qualified candidates as set forth in the IMSA Governance and Policy Manual.


(e) The election to fill vacancies in the Directors-at-Large shall occur as set forth in the IMSA Governance and Policy Manual.


Section 4: Legal Responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Directors shall meet certain standards of conduct and attention in carrying out their responsibilities to the Association. These standards are Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience as described in the IMSA Governance and Operations Manual.


Section 5: Election of Directors-at-Large. The Council of Delegates, at a time and place of its choosing, will annually elect four members at large to the Board of Directors. IMSA Sections may not have more than one person serving on the Board of the Association at the same time.


Section 6: Term of Service of Board Members. The regular term of service for a member of the Board shall commence immediately after adjournment of the Board at the Annual Meeting. Directors-at-Large serve a one year term and are limited to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.



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