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In recent years, much attention has been focused on improving management of traffic incidents. The Federal Highway Administration established the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition five years ago to promote what eventually became the principal objectives of the National Unified Goal:

  • Improved safety for emergency responders
  • Quicker clearance times
  • Interoperability of communications among responder agencies.

This year, the FHWA released the draft of the "Traffic Incident Management Best Practices Manual", the result of an extensive study of agencies across the country as to how they handle these situations. IMSA is an active participant on the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition and fully supports the work of that group. Our members are often involved in traffic incident management in some form and we foresee that we will have a more prominent role in the future. In the interest of helping to better inform our membership of this vital function, we are making the TIM Best Practices Manual available on our website.

Should you like more information about the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition and The National Unified Goal, please visit its website at, or, if you have any questions about TIM, the NTIMC or IMSA’s involvement, please contact our representative:

Dave Bergner
Overland Park, KS Public Works


Download Best Practices in Traffic Incident Management - Draft

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