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IMSA Staff

Executive Operations

Executive Director Douglas M. Aiken Email:
Director of Operations Kaylee Derby Email:
Executive Assistant Vacant


Education & Certification

Education and Certification Manager Jeffrey G. Knight Email:
Certification Coordinator Richard Porter Email:
Certification Specialist Vacant  
Print Production and Fulfillment Specialist Travis K. Furst Email:

Membership and Marketing

Membership and Marketing Manager Melissa Kornicki Email:
Membership Records Sharon Prutsman Email:
Membership Coordinator Dawn Donson Email:
Membership and Certification Specialist Mynioun Stinson Email:

Frequency Coordination

General Manager Ralph A. Haller Email:
National Frequency Coordinator Michelle Fink Email:
Asst. National Frequency Coordinator Wendy Jeffres Email:
Frequency Coordinator Bob Kimbro Email:
Frequency Coordinator Dave Pagel Email:
Frequency Coordinator Sharon Wagner Email:
Frequency Coordinator David Steinour Email:


IMSA Financial Specialist Kathy Ernst Email:
Frequency Coordination Financial Specialist Janet Muncy Email:
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