The time is right to join HNTB Corporation! HNTB is currently seeking a Signal Timing Engineer/Corridor Manager for our West Florida practice to support a growing arterial operations program. Primary focus will include but not be limited to:

Managing arterial corridors using traffic signal timing adjustments for recurring and non-recurring congestion.
Developing time-of-day (TOD) plans to optimize traffic signal timing for safety and progression.
Prepare corridor performance reports for monthly, quarterly, and yearly statistics to monitor effectiveness.
Participate in planning and visioning sessions for arterial corridor management both internal and with clients. 
Use Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) platforms to monitor and manage traffic signals in real-time.
Use BlueTOAD for travel time performance metrics and reporting.
Establish governance documents such as standard operating guidelines, training manuals, standard operating procedures, etc.
Make program recommendations that enhance the experiences of the traveling public.
Monitor and improve safety by researching and identifying trends and countermeasures.
Review corridor monitoring devices and make recommendations for device coverage.
Coordinate with information technology (IT) professionals to obtain access to CCTV feeds, corridor monitoring devices, and ATMS platforms. 
Coordinate with freeway operators to perform integrated corridor management functions.
Prepare traffic engineering reports for studies such as left turn phase warrants, turn lane extensions, signal warrant analyses, etc. 

Qualifications include:
Bachelor's degree in Engineering
6+ years of relevant experience
Florida PE and IMSA Level II Certification
Please review the entire job description and apply directly at HNTB’s website. Click Here