Traffic Signal Technician
Telco, Inc.
Reading, PA 19605

Telco, Inc is seeking qualified traffic signal technicians (IMSA Level 2+ with 3+ years of experience) for positions in Eastern Pennsylvania. Located in Reading, PA, Telco is a well-known traffic signal contractor for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). 
The Technicians will provide 24/7 maintenance service to 50+ townships in the area. Each year, we also complete over 20+ traffic signal construction projects from Easton, PA to Harrisburg, PA. Most construction jobs pay prevailing wages. Ideal candidates should have work experience in both maintenance and construction.
Estimated compensation will be in the $60k to $70K range annually, depending on experience and participation in construction projects.

Send resume to:
Teddy Chung
Phone: 610-916-6200