Job Opportunities

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Engineer V  Chesapeake, VA  6/5/2019 
Experienced Highway Lighting & Traffic Signal Foreman  Selma, TX  5/15/2019 
Highway & Construction Laborer Phoenix, AZ  2/5/2019 
IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level I, II, III  Fort Myers, FL  1/10/2019 
Project Managers & Project Engineers  Denver Metro and Colorado Statewide Locations   5/1/2019 
Senior Service Maintenance Worker  Santa Cruz, CA  5/30/2019 
Senior Traffic Signal Technician  Traverse City, MI 2/15/2019
Signal Lighting and Technical Electrical Technician  Arizona DOT, AZ  1/9/2019 
Signal Electrician  Sarasota, FL   6/10/2019
Signal Electrician-Journey Level  Seattle, WA  5/30/2019 
Signs & Markings Supervisor  Castle Rock, CO  1/25/2019 
 Street Maintenance Supervisor Roseville, CA  5/9/2019 
Street & ROW/Stormwater Utilities Section Leader City of New Port Richey, FL  3/27/2019 
Supervisor Signs & Markings  Sarasota, FL  6/10/2019 
Traffic Engineering Technician  Littleton, CO  5/14/2019 
Traffic Maintenance Supervisor  Sonoma County, CA   1/24/2019 
Traffic Signal Construction/Maintenance Technicians  Denver Metro and Colorado Statewide Locations  5/1/2019
Traffic Signal Electrician  Medford, OR   6/13/2019
Traffic Signal Electrician   Stockton, CA  6/13/2019
Traffic Signal Foreman   Canton, GA 2/12/2019 
Traffic Signal, Highway Signing, Highway Lighting and ITS Installers  Brevard County, Port St. Lucie, Groveland, DeLand, Altmonte Springs, Jacksonville, Punta Gorda, Tampa, Sarasota, Houston (TX), Dallas (TX), Salisbury (NC),  5/2/2019
Traffic Signal Installer  North Perimeter Atlanta, GA  1/4/2019
Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician  DOT, MO 3/12/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician Level I, II, III   Fort Myers, FL 4/30/2019
Traffic Signal Technician I or II  Charlottesville, VA  5/7/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician I  Orlando, FL  5/15/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician   Memphis, TN 5/6/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician  San Diego, CA 3/12/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician  Fort Myers, FL  2/5/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician  Springdale, AR  4/13/2018