Job Opportunities

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Engineer V  Chesapeake, VA  1/16/2020 
Engineering Technician Inspection and Survey  Rochester, MN   2/21/2020
Engineering Technician Traffic Operations  Rochester, MN  2/21/2020 
Engineering Technician IV   Largo, MD 1/22/2020 
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Operations Foreman  Mesa, AZ   1/17/2020
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Supervisor  College Station, TX   1/17/2020
ITS Technicians, Traffic Signal Installers, Traffic Signal Technicians, General Laborers, Foundation Crew Operators  Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, FL  1/23/2020 
Maintenance Supervisor - Traffic Signals & Lighting  Rancho Cucamonga, CA   2/25/2020
Project Manager  Fort Myers, FL  12/20/2019 
Public Works Maintenance Foreperson  Alameda, CA   1/13/2020
Senior Traffic Technician  Lewisville, TX  1/8/2020 
Senior Traffic Signal Technician  Orange, CA  10/30/2019 
Signal Construction Tech. I/II   Orlando, FL 11/15/2019 
Signal Timing Engineer/Corridor Manager  Bradenton, FL  11/5/2019 
Traffic/ATMS Squad Leader   Tallahassee, FL   1/13/2020
Traffic Management Center (TMC) Operator  Concord, NC  2/28/2020 
 Traffic Signal Maintenance Technician II Arvado, CO   1/16/2019 
Traffic Signal Construction Foreman  Arvada, CO   1/16/2020
Traffic Signal Construction/Maintenance Technicians  Denver Metro and Colorado Statewide Locations  1/3/2020 
Traffic Signal, Highway Signing, Highway Lighting and ITS Installers Brevard County, Port St. Lucie, Groveland, DeLand, Altmonte Springs, Jacksonville, Punta Gorda, Tampa, Sarasota, Houston (TX), Dallas (TX), Salisbury (NC),  12/13/2019
Traffic Signal Senior Technician  Lexington, KY   1/31/2020
Traffic Signal Supervisor  Olathe, KS   12/17/2019
Traffic Signal Technician  Reading, PA  11/6/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician (Electrical)  Lexington, SC  11/19/2019 
Traffic Signal Technicians/Foreman  Phoenix, AZ (Valley Wide)  12/11/2019 
Traffic Signal Technician Level I or II  Mesa, AZ  1/29/2020 
Traffic Signals Technician Level II  Sugar Land, TX  11/21/2019 
Traffic Supervisor  Manhattan, KS  12/6/2019 
Traffic Systems Analyst  Arlington, VA    2/20/2020