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The Thought Process for Successful Diagnostics

Presented by Tim Kinnon of Coastal Traffic, Inc.

CEC Hours: 1

What's In Your Toolbox? Preparing for Traffic Signal Knockdowns

Presented by Charlie Percival of John Thomas Inc.

CEC Hours: 1

MUTCD Part 5; What this means now and for the future

Presented by John Hansen  

CEC Hours: 1.5

Safer Streets for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

 Presented by Bob Le Sueur of Sensys Networks

CEC Hours: 1

Improving School Bus and School Zone Safety with Connected Vehicle Technology

 Presented by Peter Ashley of Applied Information

CEC Hours: 1

Multi-modal intersection safety for vehicles and vulnerable roadway users

 Presented by Dan Fuchs of Iteris

CEC Hours: 1

Peer-to-Peer: More Flexibility with Less Effort

 Presented by Eric Itzel of McCain, Inc

CEC Hours: 1

Benefits of Unifying Freeway and Signal Management

 Presented by Mike Clance of Q-Free

CEC Hours: 1

Past, Present, and Future of the MUTCD

Presented by Joanne Conrad of TAPCO

CEC Hours: 1

How to OWN Your Network

Presented by Jamie Gilbert of gba Systems Integrators, LLC

CEC Hours: 1

Touchless Buttons, Apps or APS?

Presented by Matt Baker of Polara

CEC Hours: 1

Optimizing Traffic Control Operations for Safer and Smarter Intersections

Presented by Tim Romashko of Econolite

CEC Hours: 1

Keeping Your Signals Clear During Winter Weather

Presented by Brent Katauskas of MoboTrex

CEC Hours: 1

Science of Solar: Mitigating Factors Between the Sun and Your Equipment

Presented by Ron Featherston of RTC

CEC Hours: 1

Safety Benefits of Intelligent Warning Systems and Flashing Sign Systems

Presented by Dan Skites of TraffiCalm Systems

CEC Hours: 1

Why Conflict Monitors Should Be Tested

Presented by Ben Hartley of Athens Technical Specialists, Inc.

CEC Hours: 1

Leveraging Cloud-Based Technologies for Optimizing Roadway Safety and Efficiencies

Presented by Farhad Pooran of Econolite

CEC Hours: 1

Designing Interoperable Systems for Smarter Mobility

Presented by Josh Lehman of Global Traffic Technologies

CEC Hours: 1

Radar Camera AI Sensor for Monitoring & Safety

Presented by Stef Liller of Integrity Communications Solutions, Inc.

CEC Hours: 1

Rural Roadway Departures: Why They Happen and Real-World Strategies to Reduce Them

Presented by Nick Schmidling of TAPCO

CEC Hours: 1

Trans Mountain Expansion Project: Quality Control & Delay Monitoring

Presented by Steve Ennis of Intellitrafik

CEC Hours: 1

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