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City of Round Rock
Job Posting for: Traffic Operations Specialist

Traffic Operations Specialist
$21.35 – $26.69 Hourly


Under limited supervision, the Traffic Operation Specialist monitors and plans all operations associated with the operation of the City’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) utilizing the Traffic Signal Department Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program. The TMC monitors traffic signals, safety lighting, traffic system communications, closed circuit television (CCTV) installations, Dynamic Message System (DMS) installations, traveler information systems and coordination with other agencies. This position coordinates traffic signal controller testing, signal timing and inspection of the traffic control system and prepares specification, orders materials, supplies and electronic equipment for the TMC.

Examples of Duties:

Operates and maintains the Traffic Signal Department Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program. Develops, updates and maintains all aspects of the TMC systems, including programming and upgrading of computers and software, testing, programming, troubleshooting and maintenance of the systems. Monitors roadways including detecting, confirming, updating and responding to scheduled and unscheduled traffic events, congestion and travel time imbalances in the geographical coverage area with monitoring and/or surveillance capabilities. Assist in monitoring all contract work performed on the traffic signal master control system. Maintains daily work records utilizing a computerized record system for the TMC.

Coordinates the installation, configuration, utilization and maintenance of the Advance Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) devices related to traffic signal configurations, timing and connecting to a centralized TMC; reviews, plans and updates critique system software. Monitors traffic status by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and by Graphic User Interface (GUI) display/detector data, scheduled events, active events. Detects, confirms and tracks equipment faults affecting control room equipment (e.g., central system, computers, CCTV monitors, and large screen display units), TMC system field equipment (e.g., CCTV cameras, Video Display System (VDS), DMS) and take corrective action in resolving device fault issues. Assist in the emergency repairs of traffic signal systems. Prepares operational policies and procedures on the operation of CCTV and DMS systems.

Responds to a broad range of requests for information, service, concerns, or complaints from citizens, businesses, government agencies, internal departments and/or other interested parties regarding a variety of traffic related issues. Recommend solutions based on research findings to complaints from citizens, as warranted.

Collects, reviews, and analyzes traffic signal data along with other operational and control data. Conducts studies and makes recommendations concerning computerized traffic signal upgrades and improvements; Develops, maintains and implements signal timing and response plans with computer-based optimization. Manages events and congestion both electronic and in the field (e.g., vehicle detection, CCTV cameras, Dynamic Message Sign (DMS)), etc., by coordinating repairs to stations, cameras, systems, etc.

Monitors the operations of the transportation system and initiate control strategies to affect changes in operations. Inform all Emergency Services of traffic events in the geographical coverage area of the TMC. These events vary in their scope and the methods on how the operator responds, notifying local police, fire, EMS services, Tx DOT and our regional partners. Responsible for ascertaining the level of response needed and contacting the appropriate services and participating in Combined Transportation Emergency & Communications Center (CTECC) and Regional Traffic Incident Management (TIM) meetings.

Experience and Training

Associate degree in a related field. Additional work experience may substitute for education on a year-to-year basis.

Three (3) years of experience in Traffic Signal Timing, Traffic Engineering, or Transportation Center System.

Certificates and Licenses Required

Texas Driver’s License or ability to obtain within 90 days of employment.

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