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Campaign leaders call for member nominations to steer the future and provide growth.

SAN DIEGO, California, July 28, 2020 – The #FREEtheMIBs campaign is seeking nominations for members of its newly created Advisory Board. Less than a year after its founding, the campaign is growing rapidly, and the board will help guide the organization’s direction as its influence grows.  

Often kept proprietary by the manufacturer, MIBs are the common language protocols used to communicate between central traffic management systems and ITS devices including traffic signal controllers. By not making MIBs available to customers or other companies, manufacturers can extend legacy contracts and keep them sole-sourced for years, locking out potentially more cost-effective or innovative solutions because their products cannot communicate with those from other companies. 

Trisha Tunilla, #FREEtheMIBs Advisory Board Chair and vice president of marketing at Q-Free America says the move is a next logical step. “We envisioned FREEtheMIBs as a grassroots campaign to advocate for open sharing of vendor-specific management information bases,” she said. “We are humbled and a little surprised at the traction we’ve gained in less than a year. While we will not stray far from our initial focus, we want new voices to make sure we remain relevant and vigilant as traffic management moves away from stifling business strategies to a 21st century model.”

The board will be comprised no more than ten members, each seated for a two-year term and renewable for an additional two years. Ideally, members will come from the broadest spectrum of traffic and transportation management representing private industry, public agencies and academia. At least initially, the group will meet virtually, up to four times per year to discuss the campaign’s direction, existing and new initiatives and emerging industry trends. “We hope to create an advisory board of ambassadors who will drive us forward with their ideas and insight, while helping to keep us on track and focused,” said Tunilla. “It’s also vitally important that this board feature diversity. FREEtheMIBs is a right-side-of-history campaign and we’re committed to making sure that theme is present in everything we do.

The campaign is now taking nominations through the website and via e-mail to Nominees should have a direct interest or involvement in traffic management and must be willing to spend a limited amount of time preparing for and attending virtual meetings.

FREEtheMIBs features active and influential members from both the private and public sectors and academia including Q-Free, Siemens, Miovision, Oregon Department of Transportation, Utah Department of Transportation and the University of Pittsburgh. 

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About FREEtheMIBS 

#FREEtheMIBS is a collaborative campaign to encourage traffic signal controller and ITS device manufacturers, and public sector agencies to unite behind opening and sharing device NTCIP protocols – specifically, management information bases (MIBs). To learn more about the freeing the MIBs or to join the movement, visit

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