How to Renew Your Certification

Complete a personal log of your continuing education by documenting training and/or certification(s) received. 

If you gave your certification renewal paperwork to your IMSA class moderator, you only need to complete the Declaration and Release.

All IMSA certifications are valid for a three year period from date of issue. The expiration date can be found on the certificate and certification card. Renewal requirements must be completed prior to the expiration date of the individual’s current certification(s).

3 Easy Options for Professional Development

1. Earn Continuing Education Credits

All continuing education must be completed within the three years prior to the certification(s) expiration date(s). All training documentation is subject to audit by IMSA’s International Office. IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician requires a total of 4 hours of continuing education. All other IMSA certifications require a total of 16 hours of continuing education.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) can be earned by completing:

  • Technical/Vocational course work for minimum one quarter or one semester with a ‘C’ or higher passing grade. The course work must be directly related to the certification(s) being renewed. A transcript must be submitted to show proof of course work.
  • Training directly related to the certification(s) being renewed. Record on personal log and submit any certificates of completion as proof of training.


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Examples of Continuing Education

Work Zone
– IMSA Work Zone Class 
– DOT Work Zone classes
– Flagging   

Fire Alarm
– NEC Code 
– IMSA Fire Alarm Class 
– Sprinkler Systems 
– Fire protection systems  

Roadway Lighting
– Lighting Design NEC Code 
– Lamps LED 
– Voltage Luminaires 
– Electricians License/CEU’s 
– IMSA Roadway Lighting Class  

Traffic Signal
– Video Detection 
– Cabinets Controllers 
– Pedestrian Systems 
– Signal Heads 
– Traffic Signal Timing 
– MTO 170/332 
– NEC Code 
– Autoscope 
– IMSA Traffic Signal Class    

Signs & Pavement Markings
– Pavement Markings Types & Applications Retro reflectivity 
– Post/Hardware Sign Installation Warning & Regulatory Signs 
– Bicycle Traffic Control Devices  Pavement Marking Materials 
– Cartegraph 
– IMSA Sign & Pavement Marking Course  

Fiber Optics
– Network Design 
– Connectors and Splicing Cabling 
– Fiber Optics Safety Troubleshooting 
– IMSA/FOA Fiber Class   


Attendees will be expected to complete an IMSA online self-study fiber optic course and get a certificate of completion to bring to class (you will get the link when you register). Some experience working in the field of fiber optics and communications networks is recommended.

2. Attend the Course of the Current Certification

This option requires the individual to attend the current certification course without taking the exam.

  • IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician requires a total of 4 hours of continuing education.
  • All other IMSA certifications require a total of 16 hours of continuing education.
  • Be sure to include this in your personal log and sign the class roster.
  • You may ONLY use this option within one year prior to the expiration date.
    Please note: IMSA Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician III courses will only count as 8 hours of training (16-hours of training is needed to complete the renewal process for these Level III programs.)
3. Earn A HIgher Certification

Achieving the next higher certification level in each specialty will result in a new three-year certification, therefore renewal of your existing certification will not be necessary. For example: an individual with a current IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I certification who passes the IMSA Traffic Signal Field Technician II certification course will receive a new certification level which will be due for renewal three years from the date printed on the new certificate.


    It is the certification holder’s responsibility to submit proof of continuing education including the personal log (required), certificates of completion, transcripts, and any other relevant documentation to the IMSA International office. All required documentation and the appropriate fees shall be sent in one mailing to IMSA prior to

    Renewal After Expiration

    The certification holder will have one year after the expiration date to reinstate their certification by documenting 16 hours of training as noted above. If the certification is not reinstated within one year, the individual must renew through the normal certification process by taking the current certification exam at the highest level previously attained and paying the regular certification exam fee. Only the regular certification exam fees will be due, and retake of prerequisites will not be required. IMSA will not recognize any IMSA certificate(s) without an expiration date.

    Individual Renewal Fees

    # of Renewals Fee Member Discount Member Price
    1 $80 $40 $40
    2 $110 $40 $70
    3 $130 $40 $90
    4 or more $140 $40 $100

    Member Pricing

    IMSA certification renewal fees are based on an individual’s certification, not an agency/employer group rate.

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