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Mastering Modern AI:
Masterclass on How to Use AI from

Writing to Operating Traffic Signals


Thursday, September 28, 2023

1:00 pm EST

Join us for our September webinar

with our partner,

Rhythm Engineering


About the Webinar:
ChatGPT and OpenAI have garnered significant media attention for their advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

This webinar will answer the following questions and train you how to use of AI systems like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Elevenlabs, BookCooker.ai, Cyclops, etc.

  1. How to use ChatGPT to write a love song for my loved one?
  2. How can you use AI to generate a book in under an hour?
  3. How can I use AI to create studio-quality images (AI Text-to-Image Generator like Midjourney)?
  4. How can I use AI to create sound bites like a famous person (AI Text-to-Sound Generator like Elevenlabs)?
  5. How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Reggie Chandra, Ph.D., PE
Lead Traffic Engineer and CEO
Rhythm Engineering


This is an easy opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits!  (Attendees must attend at least 75% of class to earn credit)

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