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Company Admin

I need to add/remove an employee to my company roster. What is the process?

Only a company admin can change the roster. If you are the company administrator, please complete the following form 2023 IMSA Public Agency and Sustaining Members – Add, Remove, Update Company Roster Form (NEW) (

Is there a deadline to add/remove employees on my company roster?

During the renewal cycle, once the roster is finalized and the invoice is paid, Public Agencies and Sustaining member companies have until February 1 to remove and replace a current employee with another. After February 1, new employees may be added, however, the company will be invoiced for membership based on the dues for the current tier.

Our membership has expired. Is it possible to keep the company administrator role?

No. The company administrator role is for company members only. Lapsed members and nonmembers are not eligible. Please note there are no exceptions to this rule.


How do I find my IMSA user ID? 

 Click here to find your user ID. 

I forgot my password. How can I regain access to my account? 

Click here to change your password. 

I can’t get into my account. Should I create a new one? 

No, the new account will not be connected to your certifications or any of your other IMSA history. Duplicates will mess up your course and event registrations. You will need a staff member to merge your accounts if you have more than one. If you can’t access your account, please try resetting your password, searching for your user ID to verify it is correct or contact for assistance. 

Which section am I in? 

To find your section, log in to your IMSA profile and click “About Me.” 

Note: Your section is determined by the zipcode in your profile. If your address is not up to date on your “About Me” page, you will continue to receive correspondence from your old section. 

Membership Renewal

When does the IMSA membership year run?

The membership year runs from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31

How do I reinstate my membership if it has lapsed? 

If it has been over a year since you were a member, you will need to fill out an application so we can update your information. You will still have the same ID number and access to your old records. If it has been less than a year, you can renew here. 


Does IMSA prorate dues?
A. IMSA does not prorate dues. However, if you join on or after Oct. 1, we will include those months as a carryover, meaning you will not renew until the following year.

Can I get a refund on my membership dues? 

 Membership dues are non-refundable.