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The IMSA Journal is published six times annually and has a circulation of close to 10,000 primarily in the United States and Canada. Each member of the IMSA receives the Journal as a benefit of membership. We also have paid subscribers who receive each issue.

Content Submission for The Journal

The IMSA Journal is made possible by the submission of content from members and sections that offer enrichment. For Members or Sections that are looking to be included in the journal please fill out our Content Submission Form Here.

Advertising Opportunities

The IMSA Journal offers a variety of advertising opportunities allowing your company to provide maximum exposure for your industry products or services to our members and subscribers. You can take advantage of full-color advertising, classified, product spotlight and editorial opportunities. Refer to the 2023 Journal Rate Card & Media Kit link below for full details.

For advertising inquiries or to contribute content, contact Heather  McMillen Direct Phone: (352)900-3011.

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IMSA Member Contribution Opportunity

Members of the IMSA who work in a municipality or are a contractor to a municipality are encouraged and welcome to submit articles, project highlights, case studies, employee recognition, thought leader content, anything that would be of interest to your peers. This opportunity is a benefit of Active, Associate or Public Agency members only. To submit content for an upcoming Issue of the IMSA Journal, click here to fill out our Content Submission form.