Q. What new certifications will be rolled out first and when will they be available?
A. IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I, IMSA Traffic Signal Field Technician II, IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, IMSA Signs & Pavement Markings Technician I and IMSA Roadway Lighting Technician I will launch late fall 2022/early 2023. Exact dates will be announced as soon as the certifications are available.

Q. Will additional certifications be offered?
A. Yes. Plans are underway for IMSA Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician III, IMSA Signs & Pavement Markings Technician II, IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector, IMSA Traffic Signal Construction Technician II and tentatively IMSA Transportation Center System Specialist I. IMSA will publish information additional information as it becomes available.

Q. What type of support materials, manuals etc… will be offered with the new certifications?
A. That is still being determined and updates will be posted as they become available. Be sure and check out the IMSA Blog under Resources on the IMSA website.

Q. Are certification renewals impacted by the new certification rollout?
A. No, renewals are dependent on completing the 16 hours of continuing education within three years prior to the certification expiration date. Fiber Optics requires 8 hours of continuing education and IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician certification renewal requires 4 hours.

Q. What if I do not have the required number of continuing education hours for renewal?
A. Please contact the IMSA certification team at cert@imsasafety.org or 321-349-3555.