Public Safety Telecommunications 

16 hours

The Work Zone certificate is a prerequisite for many of the IMSA certifications.

Public Safety Telecommunications Certifications

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Public Safety Telecommunicator Level I

The Public Safety Telecommunicator is a critical member of the team in any Emergency Service Organization. As members of a team, the Emergency Telecommunicator and Field Response units work together to provide a service.

The Telecommunicator forms a vital link between members of the public seeking assistance and the Emergency Service that provides such assistance. For the citizen in distress, contacting the Telecommunicator is the first step in resolving an emergency situation. The action or lack of action and the attitude of the Telecommunicator often determine the perception a citizen has of an entire department. A high standard of performance is expected. Such high standards are attained as a result of pride, dedication, training and a sense of commitment. 

The Public Safety Telecommunicator Level I guide contains material designed to help train Telecommunicators and call takers for fire, rescue, emergency medical, law enforcement, public safety answering points and other public safety operations. 


  • Basic Principles of Communication
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Public Safety Telecommunicators
  • Emergency Telephone Systems
  • Dispatch Center Organization, Equipment and Operations
  • Call Processing Guides

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