Online Certification Programs FAQs

1. What electronic devices and computer systems do I need before taking the class?

Regardless of whether using a desktop, laptop, tablet or other mobile device, the following requirements must be observed to attend an online course:
  • Must be using the latest edition of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or (Safari for Mac/iPhone or iPad) –Internet Explorer is NOT supported.
  • Must have an internet connection of 2-3 Mbps
  • Must have a webcam and microphone (internal or external of the device) * This is to participate in the Virtual Classroom live learning and required for proctoring of all exams.

2. Can I register my employees for online certification courses?

Yes.  The registration process allows for a supervisor, administrator, or another designated person to register employees for online certification courses.

3. How will I access my online courses?

Students will access their account on the “My Courses” tab of the navigation bar on their account page, with a “View My Courses” button on that tab page.

4. Will I get a refund if I cancel my course registration?

Course participants will receive a full refund on courses cancelled up to seven days prior to the scheduled course date.  The refunds will be made within thirty (30) days after cancellation.

5. What happens if my online course is cancelled?

If a class or exam is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances, students will be contacted at the phone number(s) and email addresses on file and will be notified again as soon as possible as to whether the course or exam will be rescheduled and/or how refunds will be handled.

    6. How long after I take the course will I have to complete the exam?

    Course participants have 48 hours after course completion to access the online certification exam.

      7. Once I start the exam, how long will I have to complete it?

      Course participants have a maximum of three (3) hours to complete the online certification exam.

      8. How will exams be “proctored” online?

      Online certification exams will be proctored by Integrity Advocate, a platform activated within Brightspace™, except in the case of online exams that follow courses taught outside Brightspace™ platform for which the exams will be proctored in person.

      9. What score do I have to make on the exam to pass it?

      A student is determined to have passed with a score of 70 or above on the certification exam.

        10. How soon will I know if I have passed the exam?

        Students will receive notification of pass/fail within 4-6 weeks of completion of exam unless there is a question about the student’s integrity during the exam.

          11. When will I get my certificate?

          Students will be able to access, download, and print a certificate in their IMSA profile.  The official certification will be mailed by IMSA staff to students who pass the certification exam within 30 days of completing the exam. 

            12. Why haven’t I received my certificate even though I have already completed and passed the exam?

            Students will not be issued certification for a course until all pre-requisites for the course are complete, even if they have completed the course and passed the exam.  Students must complete pre-requisites within three (3) years, or they will have to re-enroll in a complete certification course (course and exam).