Berkeley, CA – June 10, 2020 Sensys Networks, a TagMaster company, announces that the historic city of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, has selected its wireless detection technology for the large-scale data collection system being deployed in connection with their advanced traffic control equipment on the main arterial roadways.  Siemens Mobility and Traffic Technique, Siemens’ partner in Greece, represented the solution, and will manage the project to completion.

The city’s traffic department needed a reliable platform to gather 24/7 data on daily, weekly, and seasonal traffic patterns that they will use to optimize inner city traffic flow. They initially focused on a solution using inductive loops, but because of the lack of usable conduits in the city, it became evident that the ease of installation and significantly lower total cost of ownership of the Sensys Networks solution made it the clear choice. There are numerous benefits to using this type of sensor technology, including the ability to serve other applications using the same hardware.

Sensys Networks CEO Amine Haoui added, “The superior accuracy and ease of installation of our wireless detection platform is enabling cities like Thessaloniki to get the high quality data required by modern traffic management systems, and to do it in considerably less time and a lower cost.” 

The city deployed a trial site to fully evaluate the ease of installation, speed of commissioning, and the reliability and accuracy of the system.  With all milestones met, Sensys Networks’ technology was formally selected for this large-scale project that will be deployed later in 2020.  The scope of the project includes 430 magnetometer sensors, 55 access points, and 220 wireless repeaters.

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