Certification FAQs

1. My class has been canceled. How do I get my CEC hours to renew?

Members can now earn Continuing Education Credits online. See the CEC Library (Members only) page for a list of upcoming IMSA webinars as well as companies offering webinars and trainings. Once you complete a training with one of the companies, you will receive a certificate to submit to IMSA along with your Certification Renewal Packet to start the renewal process.

2. I received a Certification Renewal Notice/Invoice and I want to pay.

The “Certification Renewal Notice/Invoice” is a reminder e-mail along with certification renewal paperwork to let you know your certification/certifications are up for renewal.  You will need to fill out the paperwork attached if you haven’t already and submit back to the renewal department to start the process before a payment can be made. See below for the renewal process.

3. How do I enter my CECs in my profile?

Simply log into your profile using the directions below.

  1. Go to: imsasafety.org
  2. At top of page, click Sign In
  3. Type in your username (your IMSA ID#) and password.
  4. At the top of the page click Hi, [your name] to view your profile.
  5. Check your profile information and make any updates or changes (click the pencil icon to edit) and you can also set up your public profile using the button on the left under your contact information or opt out of the public directory on the “Preferences” tab

If you don’t know your IMSA ID Number – DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT

  • Go to: imsasafety.org
  • Go to top of page and click Find My IMSA ID
  • Enter the email and zip code that were used to set-up your membership profile. If the email and zip code that you enter do not match what IMSA has in the system, contact membership@imsasafety.org or call (321) 349-3569. (DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT – Since you are already in our system, it will not recognize you if you create a second account with a different IMSA ID#.)

Once you have logged into your profile

  • Click on the “My Certification Record” tab
  • Click on the + to open the “Add” window and fill in all the areas and check boxes as shown with arrows below
  • To upload Personal Log, program certificates, or any other documents Click on the “Select” button and a window will open to select the file on your computer you want to upload, click “Save & Close” when finished
  • Repeat these steps for each individual program or training session you have completed and want to enter

If you entered something wrong and realized after you submitted, you will need to call IMSA’s Certification Renewal Coordinator at 321-349-3555 to get it corrected.  You are unable to edit an entry once it is submitted. Your CEC entries are approved or denied on the back end and it does not automatically renew your certifications.  You will still need to submit the Certification Renewal Packet to start the renewal process.

4. How do I Renew My Certifications?

  1. Submit your certification renewal packet to cert@imsasafety.org or upload your CEC’s online and email your Declaration & Release form to cert@imsasafety.org.
  2. Wait for approval of your Certification Renewal. The approval wait time is usually 5-6 weeks. If you are missing any paperwork IMSA will contact, you by mail or email.
  3. Once your Certification Renewal has been approved you will receive an official invoice by email.
  4. You can Pay your Invoice online using “My Payments”, by phone, or by check
  5. Once your invoice is paid, your certification renewal will be sent to the next department for shipping. (Please make sure we have the correct mailing address on file).
  6. You should expect to receive your certificate and card in the mail within 4-6 weeks after your renewal has been paid unless that department has a high volume to process.

5. Where can I find the Certification Renewal Packet?

Click here for the Certification Renewal Packet.  

    6. How many hours do I need to renew my certifications?

    You need 16 hours to renew any certifications except for Work Zone, which requires 4 hours.

      7. Can I do 16 hours Traffic Signal related training to renew my Work Zone, Roadway Lighting, Fiber Optics, Fire Alarm or Signs & Markings?

      No. They are all separate certificates. You can use the 16 hours traffic signal course/program related training towards traffic IMSA Signal Tech I, IMSA Traffic Signal Field Tech II, IMSA Traffic Signal Senior Field Tech III, & IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector or all, if you need to renew. IMSA Roadway Lighting Tech  now requires 16 hours course/program related training, IMSA Signs & Markings require 16 hours related course/program related training, IMSA/FOA Fiber Optics requires 16 hours course/program related training. IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Tech requires 4 hours course/program related training, but we will allow the 4 hours of the IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Tech towards any certification 16 hours.

      8. I was told I could submit a One Time Exemption Form to get my expired certificates renewed without any other paperwork.

      The One Time Exemption Form can be used along with your Certification Renewal Packet and your training hours to be reinstated.  The One Time Exemption Form alone cannot be used to renew.

      9. How do I fill out my certification renewal packet?

      You will need to fill out:

      1. The Declaration and Release Form with your full name on the line provided, description of the certification you are wanting to renew on the lines provided sign & date.
      2. The Continuing Education Personal Log needs to be filled out showing the last three years of training with the full date format m/d/year program date, hours attended, Course/Program Title, Instructor Full Name. If you received certificate of completions for the trainings have them attached. Certification Renewal Form should be filled out with your updated information showing your full name, address, employer, telephone number, updated email & signature.

      10. How long does it take to get approved for my certifications?

      All certification renewals are date stamped when received and will take up to 5-6 weeks in the Renewal Department to process the paperwork and approve the renewal. If any additional information needed, the Certification department will let you know either by mail or e-mail.  Once approved, IMSA will MAIL an invoice.  Once you have received the “Official Invoice” for payment you can pay your invoice online in your profile under “My Participation” or by check, or if paying by credit card please call Office: 321-392-0500 or Direct: 321-349-3555.  If you sent in your payment with your certification renewal paperwork, your payment has been credited to your account as credit pending approval and will be applied when your completed renewal is processed by the Renewal Department.

        11. How long does it take to receive my certificate and card?

        Once Renewal Invoices are paid or a credit on account has been processed, your paid invoice is taken out of the Renewal Department and put over to the next department that processes certificates and card. That department does have a high volume of certificates and cards to process so it could take 4 to 6 more weeks once it gets put over to get processed and for you to receive your certificates and card in the mail.