Happy May Day IMSA community! 

I am excited to announce that our first five certification exams are LIVE and ready to go! They include:  

  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I 
  • IMSA Traffic Signal Field Technician II
  • IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician 
  • IMSA Signs & Pavement Markings Technician I  
  • IMSA Roadway Lighting Technician I. 

Sections are also offering courses to help prepare you for the exams, so be sure to check them out here!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, didn’t we just announce that we were developing these certifications? And that’s the thing, we’ve been working HARD to make this happen and I couldn’t be prouder of our team (staff and volunteers) for taking the needed time to make this a reality.  

Why go through the effort of getting certified, you might ask? Simple, it shows your dedication to the industry and your commitment to staying up to date on the latest innovations and techniques. Not to mention, it makes you a more valuable asset to your department or organization, which can open up new opportunities and doors in your career.  

So, whether you’re working in traffic signals, work zone safety, signs and markings, or roadway lighting we’ve got a certification that’s perfect for you. And if you’re not sure which one to pursue, our Sections are here to help. They are offering courses specifically tailored to each exam, so you can brush up on the material and be ready to take the test! 

Be assured, we’re not stopping here. We’ll be adding more certifications in the future and working to expand the resources available to help you prepare. Stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime, get to studying. We can’t wait to see our first batch of new certified professionals!  

Toby Cummings
Executive Director, IMSA