IMSA’s Online Certification Program features online courses and exams from a distance through our portal. As the way we learn and interacts continues to change, offering online courses keeps our industry professionals current with their training and knowledge base for ensuring public safety. See what courses your IMSA Section is offering.

Note: The course offerings by section are being updated daily as sections secure their selections. Continue to check back often to see if your section has added more courses.

IMSA’s In Person Certification Program has been providing public safety training for over a century through our traditional way of learning during in-person conferences and standalone events. Some are also offered through video conferencing platforms. IMSA and IMSA Sections will continue to offer our traditional opportunities in a safe and socially distanced environment.

What Is Offered?

Whether you choose the In Person or Online certification program, you will have access to courses and exams in a variety of program areas.

  • Course and Exam – If you are interested in pursuing certification in a particular field, we recommend that you take a moderated review course led by experienced safety professionals who meet IMSA’s standards for quality program facilitation. These Level I and Level II courses are offered both In Person or Online at times that are convenient for busy professionals and provide participants with a comprehensive review of the skills necessary to perform specific technical tasks in the area of focus.  At the end of the course, you will take a proctored exam.
  • Challenge Exam (Exam Only) – If you wish to review the material for a particular certification through a self-study process, you may take a proctored Level I, Level II, and/or Level III challenge exam without taking a review course.
  • Audit Course (No Exam) – You may also choose to take a course for continuing education credit without taking an exam.

NOTE:  If you are seeking certification, you are required to have a certification manual for the appropriate program.  If you are taking the audit course the manual is highly recommended, although not required.

Which Certification Sectors Are Offered?

Click on the areas below to access an overview of the certification program areas and prerequisites.

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