IMSA is globally recognized as the leader in public safety certifications, having issued

over 100,000 since 1982.

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IMSA certification is available in a number fields. With the ever-changing demands of technology today, it is more important than ever that properly trained and skilled technicians are available. IMSA Certifications indicate individuals have met prerequisite qualifications and passed an examination — from an impartial, nationally-recognized association — to determine they are qualified to perform specific technical tasks. 

​​Persons seeking certification must purchase a certification manual for the appropriate program and level and pass a proctored examination. IMSA highly recommends enrollment in a moderated review program but it is not required for certification. Those participants who wish to review the material in a self-study process and challenge the examination may do so (purchase manuals online ). Moderated programs are held at various locations throughout the year, or IMSA will present a program at your location upon request (in order to keep costs low IMSA recommends a minimum class size of 20). 

IMSA membership is not a requirement to obtain certification.


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Educational Methodology

This manual was designed to assist IMSA moderators with their course presentations. You will review:

  • The Adult Learner
  • Lesson Plans
  • The Effective Instructor
  • The Classroom Environment
  • Media
  • Educational Activities
  • Participant Evaluation

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