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The purpose of the position is to construct, repair and maintain traffic signals and signs on streets and in department locations. This is accomplished by completing traffic signal maintenance and repair; fabricating signs; preparing equipment for installation; installing and modifying signals; and preparing equipment for installation. Other duties include conducting traffic counts and inspecting equipment and signals for repair.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Completes signal and flasher maintenance by diagnosing problems; replacing lamps; repairing, replacing and aligning signal heads and signs; connecting power failures; and testing the operation of replaced equipment.
  • Prepares equipment for installation by ordering poles, signs, letters and other related materials; fabricating signs; ensuring current standards are met in the installation and maintenance of signs; testing controllers, controller cabinets and associated equipment; and assembling signal heads and signal associated signs.
  • Completes preventive maintenance by checking controllers, cabinets and associated equipment; tightening connections and hardware; replacing lamps; checking emergency vehicle and loop detectors; ordering warehouse supplies; and testing operation of replaced equipment.
  • Installs signals and zone flashers by completing site preparations; running cables and conduits; erecting poles; installing controllers; and installing, connecting and testing signals.
  • Completes traffic counts by placing and retrieving counters; downloading data; and presenting information.


  • High School Graduation or equivalent
  • Two Years of experience constructing and repairing traffic signal systems and signs
  • Supplemental Information:
  • Knowledge of methods, materials and techniques used in the maintenance, construction, installation and repair of traffic signals and signs, electricity and related wiring, and electronics as it related to traffic signal equipment
  • Skill in the operation of bucket trucks, hand and power tools and two way radios
  • Skill in the operation and use of standard office software which includes databases and presentation programs, along with standard Microsoft products
  • Ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing, with co-workers, the public, and elected and appointed officials

Bi-weekly COVID-19 testing is required for all City employees

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