The slide safe sign gives end users a unique combination of benefits that have never been offered before: the ability to service an 8-foot sign safely without setting up a lane closure, ease of troubleshooting a sign in less than five minutes, and repairs that can be done in less than five minutes. The high-quality products used for this sign make repairs few and far between. Need to update a sign? This process is quick, easy, and safe. Simply slide the sign faces out and insert the new ones. It’s that simple!

Our patented product was developed by a seasoned technician who has worked for years in the field with different signs and has talked to many other technicians about issues with other signs. We have addressed these problems for the tech and end-user, while also providing a good looking product at a fair price with a long life.

The illuminated sign increases visibility for drivers and pedestrians and saves energy during the daytime. Able to withstand hurricane-force wind and rain, this innovative, low maintenance sign is also the latest product that is Intertek Tested and UL certified, in addition to being on the FDOT APL!


  • Less power consumptions
  • Lighter than similar products
  • Minimal parts
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • 1st rate support


Devin V. Johnson
Commodity Plus Lighting Solutions
Phone: 386.747.5829