CyberLock Introduces Generation 2 CyberLock Cylinders with AES-256 Encryption
Corvallis, Oregon – January 2021
CyberLock, Inc., the leading supplier of key-centric access control solutions, is excited
to announce the release of the second generation CyberLock!
For over two decades, CyberLock cylinders have brought security and accountability to
some of the harshest environments in the world. With our next generation of cylinders,
we continue to push the limits of key-centric access control. Our latest advancement
offers AES-256 encryption between lock and key, the most robust encryption standard
available today. Generation 2 cylinders retain CyberLock’s trusted, sealed keyway for
IP68-rated durability. Our commitment to quality is proven, with the Gen 2 cylinder
achieving the highest ratings under European Standard EN15684 for durability,
environmental resistance, and attack resistance. And with EN16864 Grade 5 corrosion
resistance, CyberLock offers Gen 2 padlocks that can withstand virtually any outdoor
environment. CyberLock’s durable lock body is well-suited to protect the next generation
of key-centric components contained within. A faster processor and expanded memory
provide a versatile foundation for future innovations. The ability to store up to 6500 of
the most recent audit events gives organizations exceptional visibility over their assets.
And with a significantly expanded Lost Key list, Gen 2 CyberLock’s provide precise key
control for even the largest installations. For the ultimate in key-centric access control,
pair our latest lock design with one of CyberLock’s six versatile second-generation
CyberKey smart keys. Unlock all of these powerful, industry-leading features by
enabling the new Gen 2 lock mode available in CyberAudit-Web 9.4.
CyberLock is a key-centric access control system designed to increase security,
accountability, and key control. Based on a unique design of electronic lock cylinders
and programmable smart keys, CyberLock solves security problems that no other
system can.
Quickly schedule and review access with the powerful CyberAudit-Web software.
Permissions for each lock and key can be changed effortlessly, enabling precise control
over access to every entry point. Email alerts and audit reports keep management
informed of each person’s activities, including denied access attempts.
CyberLock strives to continue meeting the needs of customers all over the world. With
over 20 years in the security industry, CyberLock is a trusted name in access control.
For more information on the second generation CyberLock or the CyberLock system in
general, visit or give us a call at 541-738-5500.

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