Corridor management reaches new levels of sophistication and power with Kinetic Corridors

  • Q-Free unveils powerful new software for integrated corridor management
  • Improve automation to recurring conditions without operator input
  • Expedite critical response times and improve road safety

CHESAPEAKE, VA, October 16, 2023 – Q-Free (OSE: QFR), a global leader in mobility solutions for smart city infrastructure, today released the newest module of its Kinetic Mobility traffic management platform for managing connected corridors. Harnessing the full functionality of other Kinetic applications, Kinetic Corridors maximizes the capacity of existing infrastructure and improves operational response times, creating more reliable and safer roadways while lowering emissions.

Next-level corridor management

Kinetic Corridors is an incredibly flexible tool that ingests and analyzes data to detect unsafe or inefficient road conditions and respond to them automatically. In addition to its visual user interface that provides a comprehensive bird’s eye view of real-time conditions, the system’s customizable business rules and automation strategies set it apart.

“Connectivity, real-time data analysis, and automation are fundamentals in our smart city future,” says Q-Free Senior VP of Traffic Management Dan Skiffington. “Automation can save lives and proactively address traffic congestion by taking delay out of the equation. Kinetic Corridors uses advanced technology and algorithms to detect and respond to recurring conditions, reducing operator workload, and providing consistent response to the traveling public. This allows operators to focus on more complex tasks that require adaptive thinking and manual intervention.”

ITS California hosts the official reveal

Attendees of ITS California, a premier industry trade show, will be the first to see Kinetic Corridors in action. The unveiling occurs at the Q-Free booth on October 16 and 17, 2023, in Anaheim, CA.

“We are excited to bring Kinetic Corridors to market, especially amid a global push towards open, connected, more sustainable solutions.” Says Q-Free EVP of Marketing Trisha Tunilla. “Leveraging the power of our Kinetic Mobility platform, we believe Kinetic Corridors is poised to reshape urban mobility management and create smoother, safer, and more eco-friendly transportation corridors for all.”

Q-Free will also host a product launch webinar on November 2, 2023, at 1:00pm Eastern. Interested transportation professionals may reserve their seats at

About Q-Free
Q-Free ASA (OSE: QFR) is a global innovator in intelligent transportation systems that improve traffic flow, road safety, and air quality. With an open, collaborative approach to tolling, traffic, and active transportation management, Q-Free works with customers and partners on every continent to digitize infrastructure and overcome modern mobility challenges for the greater good of society.

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