D2L Chosen to Provide Online Education by Leader in Public Safety

Global learning technology leader D2L announced today that the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) has selected the Brightspace platform to deliver online education for its certification programs, in partnership with enSYNC and Integrity Advocate.

IMSA is a world-renowned association dedicated to ensuring the safe installation, operation and maintenance of public infrastructure such as traffic signals and signs, roadway lighting, fiber optics, and fire alarm systems. Founded in 1896, it is the oldest known organization of its kind in the world and once had Thomas Edison as a member.

IMSA offers certification programs to ensure that members are up-to-date on the proper construction and maintenance of the public safety infrastructure they service. IMSA will continue to provide in-person learning, but will now use the Brightspace platform to deliver online certification education and testing in partnership with enSYNC, a leading strategic consultant focused on helping associations use technology to engage with their membership. IMSA will also integrate Integrity Advocate, the online proctoring and identification application, into Brightspace.

“As we celebrate our 125th Anniversary this year, we continue to be an organization with a long history, and we’ve learned to embrace change as technological advancement has revolutionized our work.” says Toby Cummings, Executive Director of IMSA. “Moving to online education is a great step forward for us, as certifications are the core of our business and our mission. We chose D2L and Brightspace because their reputation preceded them. They’re well known as industry leaders.”

According to IMSA, Brightspace offered several advantages over competitor platforms including:

  • Ease of Integration: IMSA wanted a platform that integrated seamlessly with their Association Management System (iMIS, supported by enSYNC) and Integrity Advocate, and with Brightspace they found a turn-key solution.
  • Flexibility: IMSA wanted a learning management system that can scale to deliver course content, and Brightspace clearly fit the bill.
  • A True Partnership: D2L’s and enSYNC’s commitment to continual improvement and working as a true partner with customers stood out as a clear advantage for Brightspace.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with IMSA to ensure they can continue their important work for the next 120 years,” Janet Davidson, VP of Business Development at enSYNC said. “At our core, we strive to empower associations so they can engage with their members wherever they are — online or in-person. By utilizing iMIS and Brightspace, IMSA is investing in their members and their future in an innovative and sustainable way.”
“IMSA is the leader in their field, and the work they do couldn’t be more important to our safety and prosperity,” says Max Staines, Vice President, Sales at D2L. “We’re really pleased to be partnering with them as they begin to expand this critical education and certification work into online learning, where we know our expertise will help them and their members succeed in their critically important work.”


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Christine D’Angela
Director of Awareness, D2L Corporation

Twitter: @D2L

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